Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hema has passed me the inspiration award.

Vidhya, Uma, Indrani, Dibs and Lubna gave me the Hard Working blogger

My dear blogger friends Shama, Ramya, Lubna, Indrani, Dibs, Hema and my sil Vidhas pleasantly surprised me with the Inspiration Award

Lubna gave me the 'Wylde Woman Award' to me. Thank you Lubna!

Easycrafts and Indrani gave me the 'Good job' award. Thanks EC!

Priya, Indrani, Dibs and Hema gave the Butterfly award. Thankyou gals!

Thanks Priya, Indrani, Dibs and Ramya for passing me the Chocoholic bear.

Ramya, Priya, Vidhya, Dibs, Indrani, Uma and Lubna gave me the Perfect blend of Friendship

Lubna, Indrani and Ramya gave me the Yum Yum Blog award

Ramya, Priya, Vidhya,Dibs, Uma, Lubna, Ramya Vijayakumar, Yasmeen, Gita, Indrani and Viki gave me the Kreative Blogger

Ramya, Priya, Vidhya, Dibs, Yasmeen, Uma ,Lubna, Indrani and Gita gave me the Great Buddy Award

Ramya, Vidhya, Uma, Dibs, Indrani and Lubna gave me the 360 Degree Foodie Award